ISIS Fighters Killed by Russian Forces in Syria's Deir Az Zor

Syrian refugees gather for water at the Rukban refugee camp in Jordan's northeast border with Syria

"According to information received via several channels and confirmed "on the ground", influential Daesh field commanders, natives of the North Caucasus: Abu Omar al-Shishani, Alyauddin Al-Shishani and Salahuddin al-Shishani, who were hiding in Iraq for a long time, were destroyed", Konashenkov said.

Earlier this week, Russia's military claimed the leader of the al-Qaida-linked group was wounded in a Russian airstrike and had fallen into a coma.

ISIS was wiped out from most of the territories, except the al-Mayadeen region.

Backed by the Russian military and fighters of Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance fighters, the Syrian army managed to break Daesh's three-year siege on Dayr al-Zawr province in yet another significant blow to the terrorist outfit.

One Syrian Army source, speaking to Al-Masdar News, said that Al-Mayadeen should be fully liberated from IS terrorists within twelve hours.

Al-Mayadeen is one of Daesh's last bastions in Syria.

In its support for Syria's brutal regime, Russian Federation has never made clear where it draws the line between groups such as ISIS and militant opposition against President Bashar al-Assad.

The Observatory said al-Qaida fighters captured several areas in the village on Friday. Three children and three women were among those killed, the group said Friday, blaming IS for the attack. Moscow has said its Syrian allies were attacked by militants coming from areas near a deconfliction zone overseen by the U.S.

According to the ministry, the Mi-28's crew were not hurt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that 40 ISIL terrorists holding the Tajik and Iraqi nationalities were killed and a backing center that belongs to them was destroyed along with seven vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in the Russian strikes on the surrounding of al-Bukmal city.

The area has become a "black hole", posing a threat to Syrian army's offensive against the IS in eastern Der el-Zour province, he added.

The Syrian military shelled Mayadeen overnight and Syrian and Russian warplanes have conducted hundreds of strikes, it said.

The Russian accusations likely reflect rising tensions as US -backed Syrian forces and the Russian-backed Syrian army — both of which are battling IS — race for control of oil and gas-rich areas of eastern Syria.