Israel destroys Gaza cross-border tunnel, killing 6

IDF Blows Up 'Active' Hamas Terror Tunnel

The United Nations agency responsible for Palestinian refugees revealed on Sunday it had notified Israel that it had discovered a Hamas terror tunnel under a school in the Gaza Strip operated by UNRWA - the United Nations Relief Works Agency - two weeks ago.

The Israeli military spokesman Lt Col Jonathan Conricus said the tunnel - which he suggested had been built since the 2014 war - was an "active" construction that Israeli forces had been been monitoring for some time.

A source for the Islamic Jihad militant group said Arafat Abu Marshould, head of the group's armed wing in central Gaza, was killed with a senior associate and two other gunmen, adding that the group's fighters were on "full alert". The tunnel was being built by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group.

Israel is also constructing an underground barrier to prevent tunnels from crossing into Israel.

According to the latest from Gaza's health ministry, five members of the terrorist group were killed in the explosion and nine more were injured.

UNRWA, the United Nations body that exists exclusively to serve Palestinians "refugees", has yet again discovered a terror tunnel running under one of its schools in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

It is the second time this year that a Hamas tunnel has been discovered under a United Nations -supported school in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the entire area around Kissufim was declared a closed military zone by the IDF.

Greenblatt said Monday the meeting between Kahlon and Hamdallah was a sign of "important progress. between Israeli and Palestinian sides", saying "meaningful steps" were taken to promote peace.

"We are developing breakthrough technology to deal with the tunnel threat", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

Israel is building a huge barrier along its border with Gaza aimed at preventing militants tunnelling underneath it.

Hamas is due to hand control of Gaza back to the Palestinian Authority by 1 December under the agreement.

The military had been monitoring it for "some time", Conricus said, declining to say when it was first discovered.