Marilyn Manson injured after stage prop falls on him during concert

Marilyn Manson Injured During New York Concert

It seems like famous singer Marilyn Manson has cancelled the following nine shows of his Heaven Upside Down Tour.

From grainy footage captured by one fan, it appears that Manson was trying to climb the steel structure but it wasn't stable enough, and toppled over and crushed him. According to The Rolling Stone, Manson is cancelling the next 9 shows, but they will be rescheduled for a later date. The dates of cancellation are Manson's upcoming concerts between October 2 to October 14. Journalist Katerine Turman tweeted that he was taken to the hospital and says that he only sustained a leg injury.

On Friday night, in Pittsburgh, Manson suffered another awful incident when he fell off stage - an accident that has said to have fractured his ankle.

Manson was performing a cover of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" at the time of the accident. A curtain was pulled across the stage and the lights were turned down for several minutes before he was taken from the stage on a stretcher.

Manson's guitarist, Tyler Bates, indicated that the injuries were serious enough to stop concerts but were not life-threatening. The band kept playing until they noticed that Manson was not getting up, the report said.

According to Manson's itinerary, the rocker is now scheduled to resume his tour October 15th with a gig at Grand Prairie, Texas' Freaker's Ball.

"Manson suffered an injury towards the end of his NYC show".

Manson had just last week launched his "Heaven Upside Down" tour to promote his tenth studio album, to be officially released on October 6. Heading home. Manson will be back in action soon.

His upcoming tenth studio album is slated for release in October.