Melvin Gordon, start or sit?

Eagles QB Carson Wentz named Week 3 NFLPA Community MVP

Riding a three-game 2017 losing streak, the Chargers will look to break into the winning column Sunday when they host the 2-1 Philadelphia Eagles in the final game of a three-game homestand. River launched a 44-yard pass to Benjamin, a penalty on the Chiefs would push Los Angeles to Kansas City's 11-yard line. If the Chargers have trouble moving the ball, the thought of loss number four on the season becomes a real possibility. Basically, they'll be Screech.

With a now 0-3 record, a partly-filled stadium that only seats 27,000 people, and a money-grubber of an owner, failure seems imminent for this Los Angeles team. If he and the offense can just find ways to score touchdowns, starting with Sunday's home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Rivers believes everyone in the National Football League will be soon talking about the Chargers and a remarkable turnaround. All three are crucial towards the success of the Eagles secondary. He has the weapons to turn it around in receivers Keenan Allen, Travis Benjamin, Tyrell Williams and tight end Hunter Henry. When teams have balance it makes them harder for defenses to figure out. They are beyond desperate for a win at this point, and the Philadelphia Eagles have to be careful.

Last week Philip Rivers threw three interceptions and probably should have had a couple more picked off. Running back Melvin Gordon (6-1, 207) leads the Chargers in rushing yards and touchdowns. What should scare the Eagles is how many pass yards and touchdowns they surrendered in the fourth quarter. Whoever is in there on the back end for the Iggles will have to make a play. Rivers had a great game against the Broncos defense.

It has been a rough start for L.A.'s quarterback.

The Eagles' last game in Los Angeles proper was a 31-10 win against the Raiders at Coliseum on November 8, 1992. But going into the season, many thought the Chargers were the better team, and there is still plenty of time for them to prove that.

What is going to be very intriguing about this game is the stadium in which it will be played in. Cox is dealing with a calf injury.

The Los Angeles Chargers come into Sunday already sitting at 0-3 and while they aren't officially eliminated from the playoff chase, most experts and fans will tell you that the season is already over.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson fears a letdown this week judging by the remarks urging his players not to read their press clippings. President Donald Trump tweeted about the controversy ahead of Sunday's games, saying it's "important players stand" during the national anthem. He had rushed for 79 yards and a touchdown.

These two rookie kickers have been intimately involved in their team's fortunes to this point. Guys are getting way too close to blocks way too often and with a youngster that can cause a little case of the yips (and you can't blame the kid for that at all). The Chargers defense has been stout through four games. Meanwhile, the Eagles have a future Hall of Famer in ... hang on I'm looking up his name ...

The Chargers NEED to win this game.

Not bad for a 22-year-old kid who was on the practice squad of the Bengals a couple of weeks ago.