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Video for New Fall Update for Xbox One Available for Everyone Today

In a post titled Plexbox One X: The Emplexening, a silly reference to Microsoft's Xbox One X, the company announced that the app will receive a new media-centric user interface that puts a focus on browsing efficiency.

Currently, Microsoft has only confirmed two games; Fusion Friendly and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, but Spencer says there's plenty more in the pipeline. It has come a long way since the Kinect-powered voice control that the original Xbox One shipped with, and the latest update looks to be the biggest update so far.

The Home tab is built around a new concept called a "block".

Part of the reason why we're seeing this update ahead of time, however, is Microsoft wants people who plan on making their way to the upcoming Xbox One X to have something they can easily jump with, as the update will make it possible to move content from one console to the other. Add your favorite games, friends, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and more directly to your Home screen with a new concept that we call blocks.

It's a perfectly valid question: will the Xbox One S hold back the Xbox One X?

There's also an option for Xbox One owners to download the 4K content for certain games prior to buying the console, allowing gamers to play in native 4K as soon as the titles have transferred. This enables players to get into touch with the official and community tournaments that they have already joined.

Furthermore, the Guide tab now showcases increased accessibility and navigation.

You can also use a USB webcam to broadcast yourself alongside your gameplay on Mixer, or to have a 1:1 or group video chat with friends using Skype.

Access to apps and games is also pretty quick too with a nice large button present on the Dash. Pinned games will show their activity feeds and indicate if you have any friends playing right now.

The update is now only confirmed for the Xbox One and it remains to be seen if PS4 users will also get a similar update for their consoles.

Microsoft has been gradually improving the Xbox One dashboard to make the experience as fluid and simple as possible.