Nintendo SNES Classic just launched, and it's already selling out

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Nintendo is banking on nostalgia to drive sales during its release of the SNES classic.

The SNES Classic also addresses the cord issue that plagued the NES Classic; while the cord length is longer, you may want to use an extender or a wireless controller to really get the most out of the mini console. Did you get one?

The SNES Classic Edition comes with 21 games pre-installed on it, including a legitimately impressive array of titles ranging from Final Fantasy III to Super Mario World. Reddit user SpongeFreak52 has managed to share the good news early, however, as they received their SNES Classic early due to Best Buy apparently messing up on shipping.

But in this version, Nintendo includes 20 classic games plus one that was never released, Star Fox 2, all built right in.

As expected, the launch of Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition is big, with reports coming in that it has sold out instantly. everywhere.

Attention video game lovers we have some exciting news for you on this Friday.

If you're a gaming completionist, don't miss this chance to play a new classic.

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Teardown Reveals Same Hardware As NES Classic

Shortly after the midnight release of the Super NES Classic Edition consoles started to pop-up on Ebay with a price tag of $220 - they sell for $79.99 retail.

It's possible that the SNES Classic becomes available today online.

The NES Classic Edition was one of the hottest holiday gifts of 2016, and almost impossible to find.

GameStop will have a limited number of consoles. Personally, if all of the games that are available on the SNES Classic were also available on the Switch, I would have no reason to pick up the former.

As for the inverse scenario - an NES Classic with an SNES Classic Controller - we tested Super Mario Bros. For many, it was the game that convinced them to buy a SNES over the rival Sega Mega Drive. In the USA it will be $79 and in the United Kingdom the SNES Classic price is £69 (although some retailers initially listed it at £79).

Toys R' Us - Like the other stores, Toys R' Us didn't do online orders today, only in-store purchases.