Pakistan to retaliate if India conducts surgical strike again : Khawaja Asif

Pakistan to retaliate if India conducts surgical strike again : Khawaja Asif

To a question, the foreign office spokesperson said our security forces have taken in discriminatory action against terrorists and have successfully erased the footprints of terrorists.

Pakistan is extremely concerned about safe havens of terrorists who are mostly operating from ungoverned spaces in Afghanistan which are more than 40% of the total area of the country, he added.

According to State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert, the two leaders talked about their mutual commitment to advancing a multifaceted relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan based on "shared interest" in a secure, prosperous, and democratic Pakistan.

Pakistan can have strong economic benefits from India if it finds a way to carry out its worldwide responsibilities and brings an end to any kind of terror safe havens on its soil, a top United States official told lawmakers. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the same hearing that the USA would try "one more time" to work with Pakistan in Afghanistan before Trump "is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary". Pakistan, in response, said that peace in South Asia would not be possible until the Kashmir matter was sorted out.

The meeting signalled a gradual resumption of talks between the two countries that was paused by Pakistan which was upset after Trump's new South Asia and Afghan policy that proposed greater role for India in the war-torn country.

In addition to huge human and material cost incurred by Pakistan, Asif said, "Our cultural ethos as a moderate state had suffered due to protracted instability in Afghanistan". "Pakistan wishes to build partnership for a secure and prosperous future and to defeat the forces of disarray", he said while addressing at the US Institute of Peace in Washington.

"There was also a consensus on regular and focused dialogue at multiple levels to evolve bilateral process for minimizing misunderstanding, managing crisis situations and enhancing cooperation in order to bring peace and stability in the region".

"You want us to sniff them out, we will do that". "We've seen the attacks on India, as well". He also stressed that he does not speak against the government's policy. To another question, he emphasised that there was no danger to democracy in the country. "The last four years have transformed the landscape of Pakistan".

He had said he wanted India to provide more economic assistance and development to Afghanistan.

He said the burden of a 16-year-long war in Afghanistan has been passed to the new administration. "Pakistan responded to this tide of terrorism by building a strategic national consensus on a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy". "At the same time, probably few nations, perhaps none, have lost as many troops fighting terrorists as they have", he said.