Sally Jones, the ISIS 'White Widow,' Believed Killed in Syria

Sally Jones White Widow

Sally Jones, a former punk singer who later became an ISIS recruiter, has reportedly been killed in a drone strike.

Asked about reports Jones' son was killed in the strike, Maj Gen Chapman added: "It is a hard one because under the UN Charters he is under the age of what we would classify as a soldier".

According to The Sun, the government was informed by Central Intelligence Agency chiefs in June that USA forces had killed Jones in a missile strike close to the Iraq/Syria border.

The woman, Sally Jones, converted to Islam in 2013 and became known to authorities for traveling to Syria to join her militant husband. A second son, aged 20, is believed to have remained in the UK. Hussain had previously been killed in a drone strike in 2015.

According to reports, official confirmation would only have been possible if remains had been checked against a DNA database - something not possible without the use of special forces on the ground. She gradually became a key recruiter for ISIS and soon topped the USA kill-list.

Jones, 50, also went by the name Sakinah Hussain, or Umm Hussain al-Britani, and once said she wanted to behead Christians with a "blunt knife".

Jones became known as the White Widow after her British jihadist husband Junaid Hussain was killed in a United States drone strike in August 2015.

Maj. Gen. Chip Chapman, the former head of counterterrorism at the Ministry of Defense, told Press Association that under the U.N. Charter Jones's son was too young to be classified as a soldier.

He continued: "Even if he got up to really bad things, he shouldn't have been targeted".

According to the report, US intelligence officials said they could not be absolutely certain Jones was killed in the drone strike, because there was no effort to recover her DNA, but were "confident" that she is dead. "We don't know for sure whether he was with her or not".