Spelunky 2 Announced for PlayStation 4

PS Plus November 2017 line-up

Today during the Paris Games Week pre-show for its Sony event, DrinkBox announced that they're heading back to their roots.

It's an absolutely charming trailer, which shows the original Spelunky's hero having grown older, with a partner and child, and an outrageously gormless looking dog.

Their short but sweet PGW livestream certainly did a fine job addressing those complaints, and while it still left a number of anticipated games without concrete release dates, it was clear that Sony wanted to come out all guns blazing. "This was a hard secret to keep, as we've received quite a few requests for a Spelunky sequel over the years".

The game, introduced with a teaser trailer which you can see above, looks like it'll focus on a new generation. Beneath all of that lies an infernally challenging, ever-changing game that screws you over more than it rewards you. but still has you begging for more every damn time. With Spelunky 2, we get a chance to examine in depth what makes Spelunky unique and draw it out even more.

The game is being made by Heavy Spectrum Games, makers of Shadow of the Beast for the PlayStation 4, and while the game does look good, it's also a bit of a shift for the company when going by their previous works.

If you're wondering why this curious squib of an event happened at all then the answer then remember, remember the seventh of November, gunpowder, treason and Microsoft's plot to launch their Xbox One X console.