Steam Introduces A New Way To Gift Games To Friends

'The new cards allow you to send Steam Wallet funds to friends, who may then apply those funds toward the purchase of anything on Steam, from hardware to software, including games and in-game items, ' Valve explains in its announcement.

The recipient will receive a digital gift card which will credit the amount to their Steam wallet. Buy one for a friend in another region and it'll get converted to your pal's local currency. It can be hard to pick out a game that you know your friend will like, especially when there's so much to pick from. Hopefully they don't spend all your gift money on loot boxes.

Just in time for its blockbuster Halloween Sale, popular PC gaming platform Steam has unveiled a much sought-after new service - Steam Digital Gift Cards. The sender selects a set amount from £5 to £100, then the recipient can redeem the value which is then stored on their digital wallet.

Digital gift cards are the ideal gift for any PC gamer with a wishlist full of strong upcoming titles, or they are for someone that does not have a set wishlist or one who prefers microtransactions and DLC.

Additionally, you can only give Digital Gift Cards to people you have been friends with on Steam for at least three days. The glaring omission was a digital gift card option, which Valve has now resolved. Circumventing region-locks that prevent the gifting of games. In the USA, you can instead opt for PayPal or Bitcoin or use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or JCB debit or credit cards to buy the gift cards digitally. You can also add a personalised message, but that's all there is to it.