Talking secrets and styles with the cast of 'Blade Runner 2049'

Ana de Armas’s inevitable look

A blade runner's job involves hunting down and killing escaped replicants - androids who appear to be humans but are used as slave labour on colonies.

Along the way the three managed, briefly, to squeeze in talk of "Blade Runner 2049", but with journalists being asked to keep the film's many secrets under wraps, talking points were limited. She was made by Tyrell, who is the head of Tyrell Corp, the company that invented replicants. Thankfully, visionary director Denis Villeneuve, one of today's best working directors, and the writing pair of Michael Green and Hampton Fancher (Fancher was a writer on the 1982 original) crafted yet another science-fiction masterpiece with "Blade Runner 2049". Maybe "Blade Runner" wore its complexities on its sleeve, too. In Scott's film, special "blade runner" officers like Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) were charged with pursuing and ultimately "retiring" the rogue replicants. She opened the segment with the declaration that she had brought drinking glasses to the interview because they were original to the first Blade Runner movie.

"It's like an angel pouring honey in your ear", Gosling said with a smile.
The late-arriving Harrison Ford is there in the flesh, but he's coming off a "Star Wars" franchise that reanimated actors, including a dead one, in younger digital facsimiles.

FORD: "I felt like I had a partner when we started acting together".

You're also left wanting more of Leto, whose blind Niander is fascinating in just a handful of scenes. They are beautifully captured with legendary lensman Roger Deakins' camera, and his work here is sure to land him an Oscar come early next year. That sentiment is not far removed from most reviews; many are calling the film a "perfect" sequel.

Jim Beveridge said: "What we have created in Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director's Cut is something really special that fans will be able to relate to and whisky drinkers will love". The only place the sequel feels less well served is in its soundtrack, where throat singing and Inception horns fail to capture the dark, ethereal quality of Vangelis' synth-heavy original score.

There are moments when the action picks up where an astute viewer can feel the faintest touches of studio interference, but the exceptional story, cast, and visuals of "Blade Runner 2049" are second to none and alleviate any worries that even the most extreme of fans might have before the movie begins.