Terror suspect drives U-Haul into crowd in Edmonton: Canada police

Edmonton Police Service homicide detectives are investigating after a man's body was dug up from under a garage near 118 Avenue and 96 Street in north

At least five people including a police officer were injured after a suspect stabbed a police officer with a knife and deliberately plowed into pedestrians on Edmonton's busiest downtown.

The chaos began outside a Canadian Football League game where the Edmonton Eskimos were hosting Winnipeg on Canadian Forces Appreciation Night on Saturday night at the Commonwealth Stadium.

Approximately two hours later, the suspect was found by police driving a U-Haul van.

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht told reporters that the suspect was in custody and they think he acted alone, but they aren't ruling out the possibility that others were involved.

CTV News reported that what appeared to be an Islamic State flag was inside the suspect's vehicle.

Officials believe the two incidents are relate. The truck struck four pedestrians, then rolling and tipping.

Police believe the 30-year-old culprit surfaced again behind the wheel of a moving van at a checkpoint. The suspect then bolted from the vehicle and repeatedly stabbed the officer during his traffic duties.

About ten police vehicles could be seen in the area of 93 Street and 107A Avenue.

Some of the police vehicles started to block off the intersections that spine off Jasper Avenue while others pursued the white van, Ellard said.

"We believe the individual acted alone", Knecht said.

The officer was hit and went flying 15 feet through the air, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) said in a statement.

"I thought a shot gun went off", witness Pat Hannigan said, describing the sound van made when it hit the sidewalk.

Police did not release the man's name but said he was known to them. "Edmonton is a strong and resilient city, and I am confident that its citizens will support one another to overcome this tragic event". Police say the U-Haul intentionally swerved at pedestrians at crosswalks throughout the chase. "Grateful for our first responders".

"While the investigation continues, early reports indicate that this is another example of the hate that we must remain ever vigilant against".