Twitter deems GOP senate candidate's announcement video "inflammatory" for Planned Parenthood claim

Twitter Blocks Marsha Blackburn Campaign Announcement Video for 'Inflammatory' Pro-Life Message

Over the weekend Representative Marsha Blackburn launched her Senate campaign with a video that attempts to portray her as a tenacious underdog. "We fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts". Regarding Twitter, Blackburn said they offered to reinstate her ad if she "removed the pro-life language", to which she said "you're doubling down on censoring me, so I'm doubling down on my pro-life message".

Blackburn, a self-described "hardcore conservative", is running to replace Sen.

Blackburn is competing for the seat formerly occupied by Bob Corker, who plans to retire from the Tennessee Senate next year. Liberals applaud Twitter for shutting down lies and hate speech while Deplorables stoke their persecution complexes to a white heat, further fueling their mistrust of "elites" from Silicon Valley to the CNN newsroom.

Blackburn's says: "I'm 100 percent pro-life".

While the videos claim to show the representative of Planned Parenthood admitting to selling infant body parts for profit, the tapes have come under considerable scrutiny for being strategically edited. This is the same justification the company has used to block anti-abortion ads before.

The social media platform then told Blackburn that all she has to do is take out the pro-life part and they would allow her to pay to promote the ad, as they do for other political campaigns. It can be shared by retweet, and since Blackburn's campaign went public with its situation, the video has actually been retweeted more than 15,000 times.

But since Twitter only objected to Blackburn's line evoking "a strong negative reaction", she was able to claim that she is being persecuted for her pro-life views.

Blackburn's campaign on Monday responded to Twitter's decision with another tweet, assuring supporters, "Silicon Valley won't stop our conservative movement with censorship".

Blackburn refers to herself as "politically incorrect and proud of it" in her two-and-a-half-minute-long campaign ad, which also showcases her firing a gun and calling the Republican Party's failure to repeal Obamacare a "disgrace". "As chairman of the selective investigative panel, the work that our committee delivered stopped this practice of selling baby body parts".

The creators of the video allege Planned Parenthood sells the tissue, but a number of state investigations have failed to find any evidence of that.