White House says Philadelphia man hero at Las Vegas shooting

Two active shooters hunted by police in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Danley landed at Los Angeles Airport yesterday evening and is expected to be questioned by police, around 48 hours after Paddock killed 59 people when he opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo named the 62-year-old as a "person of interest" shortly after the mass shooting Sunday night.

Authorities in the USA, the Philippines and Australia were involved in the search for Danley, who travels on an Australian passport, CNN reported.

According to the reports, it is yet unknown whether Danley will willingly provide information and undergo an interview regarding the Las Vegas shooting and Paddock, especially since no warrant has been served against her.

"I know that she doesn't know anything as well, like us", one of the sisters, who both asked to remain anonymous, told 7 News in Australia.

Expand | Collapse Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/via REUTERSA photo of Marilou Danley.

Authorities have yet to release a motive in the attack but were still sorting through Paddock's hotel room and his multiple homes, where they found an arsenal of more than 40 firearms. Almost two dozen guns were found in his hotel room.

"He sent her away so that he can plan what he is planning without interruptions". "In that sense, I thank him for sparing my sister's life but that won't be to compensate the 59 people's lives". Investigators said that Paddock was using some of Marilou's identification, but they do not believe she was involved in the shooting. They said he bought her a plane ticket to the Philippines several days before the attack without her knowledge, they told 7 News Sydney, a television broadcaster in Australia where they reside.

New reports emerged Tuesday of a $100,000 wire transfer Paddock made to an account in his girlfriend's home country-the Philippines.

"A mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend", she said of Danley. She is a good person and gentle soul. Though the 62-year-old was met by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents upon landing at LAX, she was not placed under arrest, The New York Times reports.

"She was reported to have been in Philippines at the time of the incident but there were unconfirmed reports that she was no longer in Philippines at this time", Bolivar said.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Tuesday confirmed that Danley was in the Philippines and said she is now considered "a person of interest". The stocks have been around for less than a decade, and Schneider said officials determined they were legal.

He added Consul General Adelio Angelito Cruz was also checking the condition of the 131,000 members of the Filipino community in Las Vegas.