WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results & Video Highlights

WWE RAW Social Media Score, Sawyer Fulton on SAnitY, Tonight's SmackDown

Despite its incredibly impressive roster, Smackdown has failed to put on a good pay per view this side of WrestleMania.

What began as an afterthought on SummerSlam turned into a salvaged program, even if it took a little while to get going - and it's another storyline that proves SmackDown is the land of opportunity. Let's take a look at every one of the night's matches and find out.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. This was a nice reminder that there are other teams capable of performing on Tuesday nights.

Once again the Usos are Smackdown tag team champions, the fifth time they've been crowned. For a championship match on PPV, this felt very much like a run-of-the-mill match on a broadcast of SmackDown.

The two cell matches were great.

That was only the beginning, however, as Owens would continue to blame McMahon for his failures, before setting Shane over the edge on an episode of SmackDown Live by mentioning his kids. Considering he's on the same show as AJ Styles, that's a pretty bold statement.

Now, before you all tell me "wrestling's not real", like I don't already know that, watch McMahon's jump off the top of the cage and tell me that's not impressive.

The match itself was a fairly standard Orton affair and nothing particularly worth writing home about. But hey, it's still foreign heel vs. foreign face; and that's progress, right? For Roode, though, it gave him the win.

In a surprise, WWE added Tye Dillinger to the US Title match.

The match itself was a good, if not slightly problematic encounter. Both McMahon and Owens made full use of the cage. It just seems like this is the match that would be the flawless time for such a cash in so I'll go with that for my prediction. So, for the better part of the last few months the King of Strong Style has looked like a fool against Mahal and never got that revenge everyone was waiting for. The fans chanting 'where's your briefcase?' was also amusing. It doesn't make a lot sense, and yet, it's hard to call it surprising. Sadly though, the WWE Title match was disappointing as was the WWE Women's Title match too. Flair spent the majority of the match selling an injury, so Natalya worked a plodding match with had a bad, awful finish. Not just yet. Winner: Charlotte. The match itself was lame. Making fun of Shane for surviving a helicopter crash to impress his father was one of the better lines in the buildup to this match. This whole feud has been dire. Sometimes we get a memorable pile of carnage. The whole point of the match is you're supposed to be stuck in the cell.

Nakamura then attempted a second Kinshasa that was dodged by Mahal that left The Artist reeling as he banged his knee against the turnbuckle.

The first match on the card was really exciting.

Then there was that main event.

Billed as the "End of An Era", Undertaker once again entered the Cell, this time facing off against modern-day legend Triple H with industry icon Shawn Michaels acting as special referee for the match.

The main event could feature the match involving Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. The two battled on the outside until the big spot we all waited for came.