Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE may have a successor soon

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE may have a successor soon

According to a Chinese supply-chain report, Apple will be releasing an iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2018, around two years after the release of the original. So, it won't be surprising if the new iPhone SE 2 does well. Many Apple fans still believe that the iPhone SE - with its 4-inch screen - is the ideal size for a smartphone. As the SE was significantly less expensive than Apple's luxury phones, it may very well be that the company is looking to focus their efforts on increasing their representation in the huge market that is India.

Rumor has it, which is always the case with Apple, that we will be seeing an updated version of the iPhone SE next year. So, all the units sold (at least in India) will be made in India, which saves the import duty and the additional taxes on the company.

The report said the upcoming device will be exclusively manufactured by Wintron in Bangalore, India and will be released worldwide. Many of these people still would stick to the iPhone SE and are fine with the fact that the hardware is not as powerful as the other iPhones.

The iPhone SE is meant to cater to the needs of the budget smartphone hunters who want to use an iPhone. The model includes a finger print scanner on the home button.

As this design involves all-metal unibody design, the phone is not expected to feature wireless charging capability. Even the 1.2 MP selfie camera will be upgraded to 5 MP selfie shooter with portrait lightening. Now, it looks like we can expect an iPhone SE 2 in the not too distant future. Share your views in the comment box.