Apple's Newest iPhone Update Finally Fixes That Annoying Autocorrect Bug

iOS 11.2 release date news: Public beta 2 now available; features Apple Pay Cash

And.that's it. Even the security content is the same as the 11.1 release, meaning Apple pushed this update out just to fix these two issues.

The malfunction, which impacted some users who updated their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices to iOS 11.1, autocorrected "i" to an odd symbol that appeared as "A [?]". Developers in the USA reportedly saw the the Apple Pay Cash option appear in the Messages app on the iOS 11.2 beta this week.

Last Friday, a few days after iOS 11.1 was released to millions of iPhone users, a very odd bug started popping up.

The update, iOS 11.1.1, comes 10 days after Apple issued version 11.1.

A bug in Apple's iOS 11.1 software prevented some users from typing the letter "i". In addition to this, Apple also fixed another bug that caused "Hey Siri" to not work at times. Once you do that, let the update download and when it does, follow the instructions provided on the screen to install it.

The issue seemed to impact iPhone users on its most recent mobile software, iOS 11.1.

Still dealing with that annoying autocorrect bug on your iPhone? However, the tech giant did not include this feature when the iOS 11 was first launched in September.

There are a lot of other changes that are worth noting.

Apple has released iOS 11.1.1 for all iPhone and iPad customers.