Black Friday Background Checks Soar To Record High

Background checks for guns purchases set Black Friday record

Hopeful gun owners sent in a record number of single-day requests to the FBI's background-check system on Friday.

In all, the bureau was inundated with 203,086 background check requests for firearm sales Friday, a noteworthy increase from last year's single-day high of 185,713 and 185,345 back in 2015, USA TODAY reported.

The numbers are surprising, given the recent decline in firearms sales, possibly because potential buyers have ceased to fear a federal crackdown on gun sales or gun control efforts-perhaps due to the National Rifle Association's endorsement of President Trump.

According to CNN, firearms dealers were hoping that rebates and deep discounts would bring in customers on Black Friday and boost recently flagging sales. In fact, November 24, which fell just weeks after 26 people were killed in a shooting at a Texas church, saw the Federal Bureau of Investigation receive more than 200,000 requests for gun background checks.

The review was ordered by Attorney General Jeff Sessions following revelations that a gun rampage at a Texas church which left 26 people dead was committed by a former United States airman who had been legally stripped of his right to own weapons.

The Texas church massacre has "revealed that that relevant information may not be getting reported to the NICS - this is alarming and it is unacceptable".

"People should not be able to make their own assault weapons and other guns when those individuals are unsafe and legally barred from buying guns", Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, told USA Today.

Background checks for gun purchases increase on Black Friday sale days, the database shows. The objective of the review is to determine why necessary information was not being properly reported to the NICS database. That's because a buyer looking to purchase multiple firearms in a single purchase only has to submit to one background check.

While background checks are a requirement for any gun purchase made through a federally-licensed firearm dealer, they can't necessarily estimate the number of firearms actually sold.

RTSP, a gun store and range in Randolph, New Jersey, surpassed last year's Black Friday for sales, and that carried through the weekend for the store's highest-grossing week since February, said Rick Friedman, the CEO.