Chinese Fake Trees Driving US Christmas Tree Growers Out of Business

3 tips to find your perfect Christmas tree

Martin James-Babb is the owner of Wonderland Tree Farms in Pea Ridge, and he says their inventory this year has been cut making those pines more pricey.

On the Kazery's Christmas Tree Farm in Jackson, there are 1,000 trees.

But in Minnesota, we have thousands and thousands of trees available.

Follow along with the Elves on their Instagram. Many also sell fresh wreaths and some have tree stands to keep the tree well-watered.

"All the trees are going to grow a little different", Chad said.

"You might have a great year - and a drought the next, and you lose a lot of your transplants".

"We won't know until we get going", he said.

For many people, the fragrances of the festive season are part of the appeal, so think about whether you want your tree to be scented.

"If we have a tree shortage it's often due to weather related issues".

The official Westfield tree lighting takes place November 30 at 6 p.m. For the the past eight years the North Carolina Christmas Tree gurus from Raven's Cliff Farms load up their sleigh and depart for Shreveport, bringing with them hundreds of Frazier Firs. Trees can suck up a gallon or more of water a day.

To keep risks low, always do not forget to make sure lights are off when you're not there to take care of them. If the base of the tree does dry out and seal up, you will have to re-cut the base to allow it to absorb sufficient water.

Teal said he plans to cut down any trees that died as a result of the rainfall in the spring of 2018.

Many garden centres also sell artificial thin trees which are nearly like a standard, just with branches on the upper third of the tree.

When you take it indoors, remember that cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong the life of the tree. "You could lose some trees but you have a year or two to make it up before you began selling those trees", said Dicke.

If you simply don't have room for a proper tree, there are other alternatives, such as long dogwood-style twigs or other branches which you could put in a vase and decorate with baubles to give the room a festive air.