Danica Roem elected Virginia's first openly transgender state official

Marcus Ingram  Getty Images

"That was the primary factor in how I voted", said Roem's new constituent.

While Ms Roem openly discussed her gender identity during the campaign, the topic was not her main focus.

The former journalist defeated 13-term Virginia House Delegate Bob Marshall, 54 to 45 percent. He previously referred to himself as Virginia's "chief homophobe", and he drafted the state's punitive proposed "bathroom bill", which would have forced people to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. And while her victory took what some pundits viewed as a gutsy path to victory in a state whose politics were once defined by far more conservative views, she insisted she never wavered in her decision, trusting voters to take faith in her message and see past her non-traditional day job and lifestyle.

On the campaign trail, Marshall and other Republicans repeatedly misidentified Roem's gender.

Maintaining a steady social media presence, Roem did a number of public appearances and interviews as well.

Jenny Durkan is projected to win the mayoral race, which would make her the first lesbian mayor in Seattle, reported the Seattle Times. She was a reporter at the Gainesville Times for 9 years (plus 2 months and 2 weeks, to be exact) before running for office, and also worked as a news editor for the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland. "It was great. I could just keep doing my job".

Danica Roem's Slogan: "Fix Route 28 Now" In an online ad produced by The People PAC, Roem speaks the camera and first identifies herself - before anything else - as a life-long Manassas resident: "I was born and raised at Prince William Hospital in Manassas and I've lived in Manassas ever since".

She added that there were many stories that were run about her being a transgender rather than her qualifications for office.

"He can't beat me on the issues", says Roem, "When your own party kills 27 of your 30 bills in year, and 68 out of 71 bills die in a two-year period since your last reelection, then you don't have a record to run on".

Marshall also thanked his supporters in a statement on Facebook after conceding his defeat. "Though we all wish tonight would have turned out differently, I am deeply grateful for your support and effort over the years", he said.