Fortnite Update Brings Smoke Grenade, Xbox One X Enhancements

14-Year Old Video Game Cheater Sued, Mom Defends Him

Epic's latest update to the zombie survival shooter Fortnite brings some handy new toys to both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes (and in case there's any question, by "toys" I mean mostly guns), plus a pair of new Battle Royale leaderboards and the return of "Mutant Storms". The "derivative works" that Epic Games claim the boy has built for cheating purposes can not be proven, the mother argues.

Epic says it banned the teen as many as 14 times, but says he kept creating accounts under different user names. "Under these circumstances, the law requires that we file suit or drop the claim". The woman goes on to point out that Epic needs to provide direct proof of his son generating mass losses with his activities.

It would appear however, that Epic Games isn't familiar with Delaware's laws, One of which is that it is against DE law to publish names on minors, and that he is unlikely to be the developer/distributor of the cheating tools because of his age.

Epic has made a decision to take the users to court, rather than just ban them, after deciding that the modification of the game's code is against Fortnite's End User License Agreement and the Copyright Act.

Since Epic Games is a PC-centric technology company, they even get specific about what enhancements players can expect on the Xbox One X.

The mother also alleges Epic is "using a 14-year-old child as a scape goat to make an example of him".

Although Epic was just pursuing what it legally thought was right to do to protect its game, the company made the mistake of publicly naming the 14-year-old cheater, which is not legal according to DE state law.

Momma is not happy and has accused Epic of using a teenager as a scapegoat for a much larger group of cheaters - most of whom just received a ban. It's also up in the air right now whether Epic really plans on following through. Almost every piece of technology, including both hardware and software, carries with it some type of murky agreement regulating the behavior of consumers, whether it's to prevent them from modding a video game, jailbreaking a smartphone, or using a product in some way its creators never intended. "Epic Games in complete violation of this".

The fight against people cheating in online games is getting ugly. These are players who, increasingly, are playing games that are given out for free online that involve interacting with other human beings - all with little rules, protections, or guardrails to regulate their behavior.

Fortnite's popularity has also seen the rise of cheating as well, which Epic has taken a no-tolerance policy on.