JK Rowling slams Donald Trump Jr's Halloween 'socialism' tweet

Hillary Clinton expressed an interest in dressing as'the president for Halloween. Trump Jr tweeted a response at her

"I'm going to take half of Chloe's candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home", he wrote.

- Ben (blue checkmark) (@Ben_in_yeg)My dad used to eat all my candy after I came home exhausted and went to sleep.

Donald Trump Jr. received some criticism for a Halloween Twitter remark. Secondly, in this scenario and with his logic, wouldn't the kid who went around asking for free candy (aka, his daughter) be the socialist?

Rather than socialism - a political system is defined by the government controlling the means of production and the distribution of goods and services - it appears Trump Jr. was actually talking about good old-fashioned sharing. "So cute and it's nice to see they respect law enforcement and the military already".

It's never too early to teach her about Republicanism. Maybe Trump just wanted the lion's share of his kid's Halloween candy for himself.

Twitter user Kevin M Cruse pointed out that Trump Jr. didn't exactly get wealthy on his own.

There is also of course, the irony that Halloween, literally a handout. Using numbers from the Tax Foundation, Blake points out that Trump Jr.'s illustrative 50% tax rate is pretty similar to what the Trumps would likely pay in state taxes, depending on their bracket.

The tweet pinned like a banner on his Twitter account announces the color: "life is hard, it is even harder when one is stupid".

But as many people on the internet were quick to point out, Trump's joke also just... don't make sense. "It was bad and is a vivid memory from my childhood", she said. "Adults train them out of this behavior over time".