Menendez Trial Ends With Hung Jury

Still Deadlocked: Jury Says They're Divided In Menendez's Corruption Trial

The federal judge denied Menendez's argument to use the Supreme Court ruling that overturned former Republican Virginia Governor Bob McDonell's corruption conviction to have his trial thrown out.

A jury at the federal courthouse in Newark on Thursday was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial of U.S. Sen.

The judge had earlier indicated he would not seek a partial verdict.

- November 16, 2017: Mistrial is declared as the jury says it is hopelessly deadlocked on all charges.

"It's not that they're just saying they can not reach a unanimous decision, they're going beyond that and saying they've reviewed all the evidence slowly and thoroughly in great detail...nor are we willing to move away from our strong convictions", Menendez's lawyer Abbe Lowell said.

After nine weeks of testimony, the jury has struggled to reach a consensus on any of the charges against Menendez and his co-defendant, Salomon Melgen.

This is a developing story. It is given to a deadlocked jury and urges jurors who are voting against the majority to reconsider their positions to avoid a mistrial.

Menendez's attorney argued Monday that the judge should declare a mistrial. Menendez also is charged with making false statements by omitting gifts from Melgen on Senate ethics forms. Bob Menendez's bribery trial are interviewing jurors as the jury says it remained deadlocked.

Jurors also failed to reach the unanimous conclusion that Menendez had "knowingly and willfully" falsified his annual disclosure forms in an attempt to hide the gifts from Melgen, an allegation in the last count of the indictment against the men.

Menendez reciprocated by aiding Melgen's business interests, prosecutors added, including helping him with a Medicare billing dispute and obtaining visas for foreign women described as Melgen's girlfriends.

At the time, Walls told them to go home for the day, eat a good meal and get some rest, and try again in the morning.

The senator also helped foreign women get USA visas to visit the married doctor in Florida.

According to prosecutors, Melgen essentially put Menendez on the payroll and made the politician his "personal senator", available as needed.

Menendez was accused of selling his political influence to Dr. Salomon Melgen for vacations in the Caribbean and Paris, flights on Melgen's jet and hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to campaign organizations that supported the senator directly or indirectly.

The deliberations were re-started midway after one juror, Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, had to be replaced by an alternate because of a vacation she had informed the judge about in advance. They also contended Menendez's meetings with government officials were focused on broad policy issues.

They deliberated all day Tuesday and Wednesday without sending a note to the court.