Nintendo is Selling 463 Copies of Super Mario Odyssey Every Minute

Yes please

With the holiday season fast approaching, Nintendo is bracing for another high demand season for not only this game, but the console itself by once again increasing production. Even ignoring those pieces, Super Mario Run seems to have received a more lukewarm reception than Fire Emblem Heroes did, possibly because of the mechanics of the former versus the latter.

Though Super Mario Odyssey has already received its fair share of flawless scores, Nintendo took a slight risk with the latest title in its flagship franchise.

The company also plans to release more updates and improvements for the mobile title, so it certainly sounds like Nintendo does not plan to shift away from Super Mario Run anytime soon. However, a revelation that initially went somewhat unnoticed was Nintendo's announcement of the Super Mario Odyssey sales, which according to the company's estimate, has sold over 2 million within three days of its release (or 463 copies every minute). Although Super Mario Odyssey launched just a few days ago, the game appears to be meeting those expectations, judging by its high review scores from the gaming media and players' positive comments on social media.

Moreover, Nintendo wants to expand the Switch in terms of reaching more people by inviting other publishers and developers to make games for the new system. Remember that Super Mario Run works on the "free to start" model, with one level playable when you download, and the rest unlocked when you pay the whole amount. Super Mario Galaxy 3, please. The company doubled its profit forecast for its fiscal year ending March 2018, adjusting to reflect an anticipated profit of 120 billion yen (~$1.06 billion), up from its previous forecast of 65 billion yen (~$572.8 million), the latter of which it estimated only three months ago.