Some AT&T wireless customers unable to make calls

AT&T asks customers affected by outage to restart their phones

At present, AT&T is suggesting that customers beset by outages try manually restarting their phone by powering it off and on again.

Some AT&T wireless customers in western Kentucky have reported problems with their service. Since 8 p.m. outage reports began subsiding, with most of the reports originating in National Football League cities, especially Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Thousands of customers were reporting that their AT&T cellphone service was out.

Users have said on social media that they can not make or receive calls.

AT&T said in a statement that it is aware of the outage released at about the same that that they were aware of the problem. "These users should restart their devices, which should resolve the issue".

AT&T wireless customers nationwide reported not being able to make or receive calls Wednesday.

I've rebooted at least 4 times.

Users in the Merced area have complained of problems making calls.