Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Tops iTunes, Stays Off Streaming Services (For Now)

Here's the one way to legally stream Taylor Swift's 'reputation' (sort of)

It's basically like any Taylor Swift Pandora station, but there's a chance a song from reputation will appear.

The response has been largely positive so far from fans with many touting this as her best release yet. And - given the obsession with all things Swift - the savvy singer wants to pre-empt all of the hot takes and endless scrutiny that will inevitably go into every lyric on her 15-track album. The "ocean blue eyes" Swift sings about on Gorgeous nearly certainly belong to Alwyn, a motif that repeats onDancing With Our Hands Tied ("Deep blue, but you painted me golden") and Delicate ("Oh damn, never seen that color blue").

And beyond songs like Gorgeous and Delicate that deliberately reference Alwyn, Swift spends the majority of Reputation lusting after, falling in love with and eventually pledging her loyalty to her new beau, the most time she's ever spent on a romantic upswing on one of her albums. AKA you can't listen to the full album on demand, but you can listen to a radio station that plays Swift's back catalogue with songs from the new album sprinkled in. She's the predator, the person holding all the control, the gatekeeper to her own heart, flipping the script of one of her famous songs from her long-ago Red era, I Knew You Were Trouble. Zachary Jaydon, the Founder and CEO of PopWrapped, tweeted last night that "Apple is now trying to push out Taylor Swift's album to more than 800,000 people on iTunes, I have confirmed, causing their servers to badly lag".

Swift kept her last album, "1989", off of Spotify for several years after removing her entire catalog from the service in late 2014. "It was so nice being friends again/There I was giving you a second chance/But then you stabbed my back while shaking my hand", she sings. After an explosive chorus, "This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things" calls out Swift's brief reconciliation with West. In verse two, she makes it clear that "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is about burning bridges.