Teacher arrested at IN school

Samantha Cox 24 who students say teaches English is now being held on drug charges including felony possession of a controlled substance

A USA high school teacher has been arrested after students filmed her appearing to prepare and then take cocaine in the classroom while she thought no one was watching.

WLS reported that Samantha Cox, 24, faces charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

An Indiana high school teacher got more than detention when she was arrested after a video posted to social media allegedly showed her doing drugs in an empty classroom.

"This information was brought to the attention of school administration by student witnesses, and school administration immediately notified St. John police", Kveton said.

The video, which made rounds on social media, shows a woman alleged to be Cox sitting in the corner of the classroom using narcotics.

Cops praised the sleuthing students, saying their actions "showed a tremendous amount of fortitude and integrity".

One parent said the news spread quickly through the halls of the high school.

Cox was described as a popular English teacher who was in her second year at Lake Central High, students said.

IN teacher Samantha Cox, 24, faces drug possession charges.

School administrators confirmed that police had taken action against a teacher, but no other details were released.

The school district sent a recorded message Wednesday afternoon alerting parents of a situation at the school involving a teacher, saying student safety remained "a top priority" at Lake Central.