Trump Brings Christmas Back To The White House

2017 Christmas Celebration at White House, Trump Swore to End the 'War on Christmas'

No matter your opinion of Melania Trump, it's clear that her time in the White House so far has been marked by far more scrutiny than we're used to seeing visited upon a first lady.

If you're inclined to think that Trump's tweet was spurred by something, it's probably fair to assume he was reacting to a recent article Vanity Fair article suggesting much the opposite.

They show her talking to chefs, helping to decorate a cake and put a ribbon on a wreath.

The slogan aligns with Trump's campaign promise to 'say Merry Christmas again'.

The theme this year, "Time-Honored Traditions", credited to Trump, is intended as a homage to 200 years of White House holiday customs.

One child asked if she was the first lady, and another remarked that she "looks like an angel".

A tree-lined walkway leading to a beautifully decorated tree might sound like a good festive addition to the White House this Christmas.

During an event back in October, Trump repeated the pledge once more: "They don't use the word 'Christmas" because it's not politically correct, ' he said.

If there's anything President Donald Trump really, really, really wants you to know, it's that Melania Trump totally enjoys being first lady, and there's no reason whatsoever you should question that.

Among the Christmas standards is an 18-foot (about 5.5-meter) fir tree in its traditional spot in the Blue Room, decorated with ornaments bearing the seals of every state and US territory.

"Ornaments are hung on a Christmas tree in the Red Room at the White House".

The holiday celebrating begins later Monday with a party for the volunteer decorators and will continue well into December with receptions and parties just about every day — sometimes two a day — for the next several weeks.

The official White House Christmas tree stands in the Blue Room at the White House during a press preview of the 2017 holiday decorations November 27, 2017 in Washington, DC.

During President Barack Obama's final Christmas in office, larger-than-life replicas of family dogs Bo and Sunny greeted visitors in the East Wing.

The standout feature, however, would have to be the 160-kilogram gingerbread house in the State Dining Room of the White House.