Woman photographed flipping off Donald Trump fired over 'obscene' display

The Woman Who Went Viral for Flipping Off Trump's Motorcade Has Been Fired

Recently, a photo of a woman cyclist riding beside US President Donald Trump's Motorcade, showing him the middle finger, had gone viral on social media and caught a lot of attention.

A woman's immediate expression after witnessing Donald Trump's motorcade pass her by has resulted in her termination.

"He was passing by and my blood just started to boil", she told Huffington Post.

Briskman decided when she went into work on Monday that she would tell her employer, government contractor Akima LLC, about the photo, but by Tuesday, she had been informed that she violated the company's social media policy because she used the image on her Twitter and Facebook pages as her profile picture.

She therefore questions why she was immediately dismissed from her role.

A day later, concerns bubbled up, upsetting the bigwigs at the company so much they fired her.

"We have chosen to separate from you", she quoted one of them as saying to her, citing the company's social media policy ban on "obscene content".

As for her reason for all that anger towards President Trump, Briskman quite bluntly stated that his love of leisure has been filling her with a growing rage. Briskman accuses the company of uneven treatment because a male employee was able to keep his job after calling out someone as a "f-- Libtard a--" on Facebook, where his link to Akima was obvious.

She said she doesn't lament her activities, including: "In some ways, I'm improving the situation than at any other time".

Nope. "I'd do it again", she said.

Briskman had been working as a marketing and communications specialist for a Virginia-based federal contractor, Akima, for six months.

After the cyclist admitted to her bosses at Akima LLC that she was the one in the photo, she was sacked. "I'm thinking, 'DACA recipients are getting kicked out".

In Briskman's case - assuming we have the full set of facts, which is always a unsafe assumption - she would have some grounds to pursue a wrongful termination suit. "He pulled promotions for open enlistment in ObamaCare", Briskman said.

Since Virginia is an employment-at-will state, Akima has full discretion over who it fires.

"Just a single third of Puerto Rico has control". The motorcade stopped, bisecting her usual route.

But that doesn't mean she's regretful about speaking out against the president. "I am appalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something". The newspaper said Akima officials didn't return requests for comment.