YouTube Go launching in South Africa


This new update brings two new features to the app - the ability to watch YouTube videos within the chat window and the option to record voice messages without holding down the microphone button.

Previously, when you received a link to a YouTube video, it would open up in YouTube app or a browser when clicked.

However, there are some caveats, like you can not view photo/video while recording a locked voice message.

Right now the company has rolled out this YouTube feature for iOS users only.

Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp has been updating its features to facilitate the users and enhance their experience. The YouTube Go app also allows you to download your favorite videos from the website to your phone's storage and then share it with your friends via Bluetooth or wifi-direct. WhatsApp was extensively working on this idea and investigating ways to make watching YouTube videos within its chat-app.

This Facebook-owned chat app is continuously introducing wonderful features, which makes it's users stick around and making it impossible for them to switch from WhatsApp chat app.

Referred to as "picture-in-picture" feature, the update will hopefully stop the autoplay hole as well, Mashable reports.

Another feature that WhatsApp for iOS promises is locking recording while sending recorded voice messages. Well, chances are that the WhatsApp is rolling out the feature in a phased manner - and you'll get the app eventually - probably in the next couple of days. "When recording a Voice Message, just swipe up to lock recording so you can continue to record without keeping your finger down", read the description.

Reportedly, the application is now testing another feature which will allow the users to switch from voice to video call quickly while the call is still in progress without stopping the conversation.