A New Kind Of Secure! Facebook Unveils Facial Recognition

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Facebook will soon roll out these new features in all the countries where Facebook is used except in Canada and the European Union where the social networking giant now doesn't offer facial recognition technology. The complaint was filed in IL under the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act, a law that prohibits the collection of biometric data without prior consent and one of the few legal barriers to using facial recognition in the US.

For those who have opted in, Facebook creates what it calls a template of a person's face by analyzing pixels from photos where the person is already tagged.

Facebook is about to literally live up to its name as a new series of facial recognition algorithms can now track a person's face across the platform even if that face was not tagged at least once.

Facebook users will now get a notification if their photo has been uploaded by anyone else on Facebook even if they're not tagged in it.

The new facial recognition tech can be turned on from the account's settings.

Announcing the alerts feature, the company admitted that...

With the congressional rollback of online privacy protections in March, there appear to be few impediments to deploying facial recognition systems in the US.

The California-based company was also putting the technology to work to give visually impaired people more information about images at Facebook. Yet, privacy advocates are concerned that things could run out of control, and the tech could be used to detect Facebook users as they shop in brick-and-mortar stores. "The template is the reference we use to recognize you in photos". This could also prove to be helpful in cases when one person tries to impersonate another or when users fear adding photos of themselves because they're anxious they might end up in the wrong hands or be widely distributed without their permission or knowledge.

We also inquired whether Facebook has ever been served with a subpoena related to facial recognition or asked by law enforcement to make facial recognition data available.