Alabama In; Ohio State Out In College Football Playoff

Ohio State football players celebrate winning the Big Ten championship

A season where there isn't a consensus top-four.

The victor of this year's game will face the Rose Bowl victor, either No. 2 Oklahoma or No. 3 Georgia, Jan. 8 in Atlanta to determine the national champion.

Last season, the committee bypassed Big Ten champ Penn State to take Ohio State. Ohio State was the first, being selected last season over Big Ten champion Penn State. No. 3 Georgia. The Sooners beat TCU in Saturday's Big 12 Championship Game while Georgia took down Auburn in the SEC title game.

OSU finished with a record of 11-2. "I think our efforts to play more conference games, to schedule up to a reasonable degree, to reduce the number of mismatches should serve us well". A decisive 38-3 ACC Championship victory over Miami sealed the deal for Clemson, which only has one blemish on its resume, a 27-24 road loss to Syracuse in a game in which Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant was injured. This is Oklahoma's second appearance, and the first time for Georgia. Saturday was the Bulldogs' first SEC title since 2005 and they're probably rewarded with the team's first trip to the Rose Bowl since 1943. And it was a pretty significant loss at that.

The culprit for the Buckeyes was a 31-point loss at Iowa on November 4, in addition to the 15-point home loss to No. 2 Oklahoma in September.

It was a point Saban made during his Saturday night politicking on ESPN. "You got to look at the total body of work that the team did for the entire season, and I would say that if we lost to a team in our conference that was not ranked by 30 points, that you wouldn't be having this conversation".

Alabama was chosen despite not winning even its division title. UCF did not lose a game all season and has no chance at a national title. "I was kind of hoping that we had those good wins". "And so we played three top-five teams, and we won two of them". Don't put too terribly much in the seeding of the teams - it's important for jersey colors and who calls the coin toss - because this should be about as evenly-matched of a semifinal as you'll find.

Alabama earned the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff that was announced Sunday.