Amazon and Google, Will You Two Figure This Shit Out Already?


"Given this lack of reciprocity".

Google is hoping to pressure Amazon into selling Google's products by taking away access to the world's most widely watched video service.

Google said it is pulling YouTube from some Inc. devices in retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell many Google products, escalating a battle between two tech titans as their businesses increasingly overlap.

Amazon said in a statement that it believes Google is "setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website". "We hope to be able to reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon".

Both Google and Amazon compete with each other in many areas including cloud computing and selling voice-controlled smart speakers like the Google Home and Amazon Echo Show. Google seems to be betting that Amazon will want to get YouTube back up and running on its flagship video products before long, so it can afford to take a hard line here. Variety notes that the new implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show, for example, violates YouTube's terms of service "by layering voice control onto a web app that wasn't designed for voice interaction". In September 2017, after the first Amazon Echo Show / YouTube spat, Amazon ceased sales of Nest smart thermostat and associated devices, and it is notable that Amazon has never sold any Google Home hardware. In November, Amazon introduced a redesigned interface for the video streaming service, and Google said everything was A-OK. An in-app notification informs users that YouTube will disappear from Fire TV devices on January 1. Otherwise, millions of angry customers will be left without access to YouTube through no fault of their own.

Google is yanking YouTube from some Amazon products after the companies have become engaged in a bitter tow.

"Google and Amazon have been sparring for several months but the move by Google to pull YouTube off Amazon ecosystem devices may bring this issue to a head".

The Amazon response was blunt.