Apple turns on app preorders in App Store

Apple now lets you preorder apps in the App Store

Super Mario Run was the first instance of the Apple App Store allowing you to pre-order a title, but from today all developers will be able to do the same for their upcoming software. As noted by MacStories, Apple tested the feature with Super Mario Run past year by offering pre-orders of the app ahead of its availability date. However, there are some who would always like to have all the brand new and trendy apps installed on their smartphones. That means you won't be charged $1.99 if you pre-ordered the app when it was listed for 99ยข. Customers can see your product page and order your app before it's released for download. On Monday, Apple also allowed developers to offer the introductory offers and the auto renewable subscription of the App Store.

This applies to all Apple platforms, which covers iOS, macOS, and tvOS; you'll need to specify a release date that's between two and 90 days in the future. This should give you peace of mind if a developer decides to charge less for its app at launch than what you paid for. If that preordered app happens to be a paid app, you won't be charged until you download the program. The guidelines, which seem to be broader than many developers realized, were released by Apple after its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, banning apps "created from commercialized template or app generation service". This also works the other way around. The new feature is now only available for all new, unreleased apps and not for existing apps, which means updates to apps can not be pre-ordered. Users will be notified once the app is released and it will get automatically downloaded onto their devices. The automatic download will only happen when users are connected to a Wi-Fi network or using their mobile data. For users, there is another bonus when pre-ordering an app from the App Store.