Collapse of rebel alliance leads to 'street war' in Yemeni capital

Houthi militants

"The leader of treason has been killed", Houthis' TV network al-Masriah said.

The video, apparently shot by one of the attackers, showed a Houthi crowd picking up Saleh's dead body, wrapped in a colorful blanket, off the ground and lifting it onto a pickup truck.

A senior official with Yemen's internationally-recognized government confirmed to The Associated Press that Saleh had been killed, sending video purportedly showing Saleh's body being carried away by a group of armed men chanting, "Allahu akbar".

The Saleh-Houthi alliance had been fraught since its inception in 2014, when the two ended decades of enmity and joined ranks to capture Sanaa from Hadi's government.

But in recent months, the alliance frayed amid Houthi suspicions Mr Saleh was leaning toward the Saudi-led coalition backing Mr Hadi.

He was escaping from Sana'a with an armored vehicle, when Saudi-led coalition killed him, along with his VP Aref Zoka and the secretary general of the National Congress Party Yaser al-Awazi. Residents and medics told Reuters at least 125 were killed in the fighting on Monday, according to Reuters.

Tensions between the Houthi and Saleh's party rose Wednesday after Saleh's supporters refused access of the Houthis to the Saleh Mosque in the south of Sanaa to secure a religious ceremony to commemorate birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

Residents in the capital of Sanaa mired in the humanitarian catastrophe said that they had witnessed the explosion at Saleh's home.

Saleh announced the end of his alliance with the Houthis on Saturday.

The country descended into a wider civil war that has killed more than 10,000 people while drawing in a Saudi-led military coalition, backed by the United States.

The meeting aims to discuss ways to save Houthis and help them maintain their influences.

The Houthis had branded him a traitor for allegedly striking a deal with Saudi Arabia.

Saleh ruled for 33 years before being toppled in 2012 during popular protests. He remained in the country, however, and continued to wield political power from behind the scenes. Either Houthis will take full control of Sanaa or coalition & Hadi forces will push into city with full force in coordination with GPC.