Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers offering free safe rides home on NYE

Uber has warned customers travelling home via its UberTAXI service this New Years should prepare to face new surged fares

New Year's Eve is big business for bars, restaurants, taxi services and ride sharing companies including Lyft and Uber. And Uber's algorithm ensures that all the passengers' final destinations are along a similar route so you won't need to go too far of the way. "This is definitely not something you do as a means to support yourself, but it does help a little", Nicholson said of working as an Uber driver. Hosting New Year's Eve festivities at your own home is also a way to dodge surge prices. For reference, a Yellow Cab ride from Seville Quarter to Avery Street in the East Hill area would run you right around $9.50, while a trip from Seville to East Olive Road in the Ferry Pass area would be about $25, according to the fair estimator on Yellow Cab's website.

Longview Transit, in partnership with R&K Distributors - Your Local Budweiser Distributor, is preparing to provide a "Safe-Ride-Home" on New Year's Eve. Carner said the increase of Uber drivers relative to 2015, as well as the expected decrease in the downtown crowd, may leave drivers with thinner pockets heading into 2018. Which is to say, how much do you value the actual clock strike of midnight? The Uber app refers to these spikes as price surges.

UBER, Lyft, and local taxis will also be out and about.

"If you make a mess in my auto it could be a fine up to 300 dollars in addition to your trip fare", Gresham said. Lyft calls it Prime Time.

"It's there safety we're concerned about, trying to get people home safe, try to get them home quickly after New Years Eve".

"Given we're expecting millions of rides to occur on just this one night, fares will likely be higher than usual", Uber said in a release.

"Walk to the corners and text your driver".

Some challenges taxi drivers face are customers being too inebriated to remember where they live, getting sick in the vehicle and taking their time saying goodbye to friends while the driver waits outside.

Apparently the maximum surge price is 50x, but users report up to around 2.5x.

So, taxi driver James Gallant says be patient.

Don't puke in the ride.