Google's Chrome browser to get ad-blocking February 15, 2018

Google even went as far as to say that ad blocker use because of bad ads is threatening the sustainability of the web ecosystem. Chrome had previously pledged to block certain ad units once the CFBA's framework was in place. That has changed today, though, with an official announcement revealing that Google Chrome's built-in ad blocking will launch on February 15, 2018. It's worth noting that the native ad-blocking feature on Chrome won't prevent ads from tracking you. The company had announced the move as being part of its endeavour to improve online advertisements, with ads that were considered intrusive being automatically blocked by the browser.

The standards were proposed by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that includes technology and media companies. One can probably guess numerous types of ads that won't meet the guidelines: full-page interstitial ads, ads that play sound unexpectedly, and pop-ups, among others. According to Venturebeat, Google's strategy is to use Chrome to choke off revenue from low-quality ads on websites. This is also where alleged violations can be appealed by website owners. Google's Ad Experience program will allow the appearance of a non-compliant ad in 7.5% of all pages served by a site in the first two months after February 15. If Google finds that a site is failing to meet the coalition's advertising standards for more than 30 days, Chrome will remove all ads from that site. "All of this information can be found in the Ad Experience Report Help Center, and our product forums are available to help address any questions or feedback".