Jimbo Fisher on leaving FSU for Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher went from a $72000 salary to one of the highest-paid coaches in sports in 19 years

"I'd like to say a special thank you to the players, coaches and supporters at Florida State University, and a special thank you to coach [Bobby] Bowden", Fisher said.

The upgrades at Florida State will be left behind for someone else (FSU's pursuit of Oregon's Willie Taggart seems to be heating up) while Fisher pursues a new challenge in the SEC at A&M, a place Fisher thinks he can take to new heights. "As we welcome one of the nation's top football coaches to our Aggie family".

"You can have the greatest coaches in the world, but if your administration doesn't see things the way you see things and allow you to do things that way, nothing can be achieved".

Fisher, who agreed to a 10-year, $75 million contract with the Aggies, cited his relationship with athletic director Scott Woodward and the school's resources as the main factors in his decision.

Fisher said "all the ingredients (for success) are here" and mentioned Texas A&M's recruiting base, facilities and local support. "And there was a commitment to excellence and there was a vision for what we wanted to do", Fisher said. "And I am confident that the opportunity for greatness is right around the corner".

Fisher was introduced at Texas A&M's new football coach on Monday, three days after resigning from Florida State.

In 's first game after Jimbo Fisher's brewing departure for Texas A&M, the Seminoles relied on their collective pride to accomplish one of their seasonal goals to maintain the program's history.

Another factor that could be playing against Texas A&M as Taylor-Stuart's recruitment continues is that four-star defensive back Leon O'Neal recently de-committed from the Aggies. "There's a oneness to everything you to do be successful, and I knew he had the same vision I did".

"In the short amount of time that i've been here... the people here are incredible", Fisher said.

"Anytime is spend money on behalf of this university, there's a lot of nervousness", Young said.

"Your expectations will never be greater than mine", Fisher said.