London zoo closed after fire

London zoo

"We're completely crushed that Misha the aardvark has been slaughtered despite everything we're endeavoring to discover the end result for the meerkats, however right now the site where this fire occurred is shut down", Dominic Jermey, the zoo's Director General, revealed to BBC TV.

A raging fire erupted at the London Zoo in the early hours of December 23 as courageous firefighters rushed to put out the insane blaze.

London Zoo officials say a fire yesterday morning left one aardvark dead and four meerkats missing. Four meerkats associated with the same attraction, however, are still unaccounted for.

"A number of zoo staff have been treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and shock".

More details to come...

Speaking after Misha's death was confirmed, a spokesperson for the zoo said: 'All other animals in the vicinity are being monitored closely by our vets, but early signs suggest they have not been affected.

London Fire Brigade's Clive Robinson explained: "The fire mainly affected the café and shop".

"When they arrived our crews were faced with a very well developed fire". The fire has caused damage in a café and shop, which is near the penguin pool and camel enclosure. "They worked incredibly hard in arduous conditions to bring it under control as quickly as possible and to stop it from spreading to neighboring animal enclosures".

The zoo will remain closed on Saturday until further notice. We'd like to reassure you that the fire is now under control.

In its statement, London Zoo said the zoo would reopen on Christmas Eve.

No animals or people are said to have been injured in the fire.