Pizza Hut may start delivering alcohol with your pizza

Pizza Hut Will Now Deliver Cold Beer and Wine to Pair With Your Pie

Pizza Hut is letting customers in certain test markets include alcoholic beverages for delivery along with their pizza.

The director of brand marketing for Pizza Hut Stacy Lynn Bourgeois said the pizza chain was excited about offering delivery of beer and wine, calling it a convenience for its customers.

Pizza and beer go together like, well, pizza and beer.

The service will debut in Phoenix, with six-packs of Anheuser-Busch brands, including Budweiser, Bud Light and Shock Top and Kilt Lifter, which is made by Arizona-based craft brewer Four Peaks.

Pizza Hut is focused on improving the pizza experience overall - from introducing its oven-HOT delivery system last month to being the first in the pizza industry to introduce beer and wine delivery.

The price is $10.99, according to CNN Money.

Phoenix residents will also be able to get wine included in their Pizza Hut order in January, but the details are more murky on that front.

With 1,726 Pizza Hut stores nationwide that have a liquor license, the chain has plans to expand the service rapidly in 2018.

The company said in its press release it hoped to be a "one-stop-shop for customers looking to enjoy beer and wine with their pizza".

The inclusion of alcohol may help the pizza chain in its competition with others like Papa John's or Domino's, which only offer water and soft drinks for delivery. But I think I can speak for everyone who has ever ordered a stuffed crust pizza when I say that no-one who orders a stuffed crust pizza only wants a single serving of Pinot Grigio, OK!?

Shares of Yum, which also owns KFC and Taco Bell, were little changed after the announcement.