Rare natural disaster hits United States east coast, felt in NY

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck Dover Delaware Thursday afternoon according to the USGS

An natural disaster centered 6 miles east-northeast of Dover, Delaware, hit the Mid-Atlantic region late Thursday afternoon, shaking buildings and people, but causing no apparent damage.

A magnitude 4.4 natural disaster with its epicenter about 100 miles south of Saucon Valley in central DE was felt Thursday afternoon by some local residents, but not by others.

But according to ABC7 in NY, people felt it around the NY metropolitan area, while CBS Baltimore reported that people felt it around "Baltimore, Jessup, Pasadena, Federal Hill and other locations in Maryland". There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

As of about 5 p.m., Northampton County dispatchers fielded two calls about houses shaking in Palmer and Forks townships, a dispatcher said. It was then downgraded to a 4.1.

SSgt Aaron Jenne with Dover Air Force Base Public Affairs said he and others weren't sure what it was when it happened, but everyone is thankful that it wasn't worse and for it being so close there was no damage.

The quake was first reported as magnitude 5.1 by the United States Geological Survey, but was downgraded twice.

"I felt the whole house nearly like waving", he said.

Paul Caruso is a geophysicist with the USGS's quake information center in Colorado.

Caruso said he didn't expect any significant damage, given the small size of the quake.

In Baltimore, the jolt was strong enough to send some people streaming out of buildings and into the streets.

She said there were no signs of damage at the base, and no change was expected in its operations.

Many social media users also confirmed feeling the temblor and #earthquake had quickly risen to the top of trending topics on Twitter with more than 11,000 tweets mentioning the hashtag.

If you did, tell us where you were when you did, and how it felt.