Teens face murder charges after sandbag tossed from overpass

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Four teenagers have been charged with murder in OH after a man in a vehicle was struck and killed by a sandbag that had been dropped from an overpass, authorities said.

Sean Carter, 14; William Parker, 14; Pedro Salinas, 14 and Demetrius Wimberly, 14, originally faced felonious assault charges.

Byrd died on Friday, prompting the prosecutor's office to amend the criminal complaint.

Byrd, 22, was riding in the front passenger seat of a vehicle heading south on I-75 when the sandbag came through the car's windshield, authorities said.

"Detectives determined the falling sandbag was not an accident, but a deliberate act and probable cause to charge the juveniles was established", the department said in a release.

Authorities said the teens would not be charged as adults, and OH law prevents the 13-year-old from being charged as an adult anyway. Byrd's friend, who was behind the wheel, was frantic as she called for help on the side of the freeway.

"I don't know what happened!"

According to The Plain Dealer, other drivers said their vehicles were struck by objects thrown from the overpass on December 20, but no other injuries were reported.

"No, my windshield is smashed up", the unidentified woman said.

"This is a case where the state has very strong evidence ― there were statements made by all of the juveniles involved in this case", Lucas County Deputy Prosecutor Lori Olender told the Toledo Blade. An attorney representing one of the boys charged said her client understands the seriousness of the charges against him.

Byrd leaves behind a 2-year-old son and was engaged to be married, CBS wrote.

Meanwhile, in MI, five other teens face life in prison after throwing rocks off an overpass near Flint, which hit a vehicle and killed a man in October.