The Only Supermoon of 2017 Is Happening. Here's When to View It

The supermoon seen over Ithaca on Nov. 13 2016

By NASA's calculations, the moon will appear as much as 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter to many viewers around the world.

If you miss this year's supermoon, don't worry.

As it reaches fullness, the moon will also be making its closest approach to Earth around the same time, designating it a "supermoon".

Supermoon is the term given to the moon when it's two cycles around the earth match up. This Sunday's supermoon will appear a little boring in comparison, only appearing seven percent larger and 16 percent brighter.

Supermoons happen when the sun, moon and earth align and a full or new moon aligns with the sun's lunar orb. This is quite a rare sight however and only occurs about one in every 14 full moons.

It's been a year since the visible supermoon was sitting in the night sky, and now the first, and last, supermoon of 2017 is happening Sunday night. Even so, the supermoon is still worth viewing. The result is that the full "super" moon appears slightly larger and slightly brighter to us in the sky.

Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

The Slooh Supermoon Challenge livestream will kick off on Sunday December 3 at 9pm EST (Monday December 4 at 2am).

You'll be able to watch the supermoon starting on Sunday Dec. 3.

Just to be clear, the supermoon is only the moon-there will be no eclipse and no colors.

There is an option offered by the Italian-based Virtual Telescope Project, which consists of several robotic telescopes remotely accessible in real-time over the Internet.

Mark your calendars: a series of three supermoons will appear on the celestial stage on December 3, 2017, January 1, 2018, and January 31, 2018.