You Can Now Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your Apple TV

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Amazon had explained the move by saying it wanted to avoid confusing customers who might expect its Prime Video service to be available on devices sold by Amazon.

The Prime Video app for the Apple TV supports numerous Apple TV features, this included Siri and the TV app, this allows you to search for videos on Prime from the main TV interface. The technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products made the announcement in light of their brewing rift with Amazon after failing to come up with terms that would both benefit them fairly. Although Amazon has gotten better about promoting rival services, video available through Prime remains prominent.

According to Archer, while the Amazon Prime Video app has excellent video quality, the app appears to be only outputting audio in PCM stereo.

Amazon's own streaming device, Fire TV ($70), competes directly with the pricier Apple TV ($149).

Amazon stopped retailing Google's Chromecast and Nexus Player products two years ago - alongside withdrawal of Apple's Apple TV product.

The Fire TV loses access to its YouTube app on January 1, Google said. You can then use Siri voice search to search for a film or TV show and the box will show a selection - you don't have to specify you want to watch it from Prime Video because Siri will search all app catalogues for your desired show. You can get YouTube, Google Play and Amazon video, but not iTunes.

In part at least, this dispute dates back to 2015, when Amazon ceased to stock both Chromecast and Apple TV devices on its main website - leaving them only available for sale on the Amazon platform via third party sellers.

"We've been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services". Prime Video integrates with Apple's TV app, which lists the shows you're now watching and alerts you when new episodes are available. Amazon says it is disappointing to see Google selectively blocking access to an open website. Now they are not available direct from Amazon, although earlier this year the company did briefly list the latest version of the device for sale on its United States site (but it has since been removed).

Attention Fire TV owners: YouTube might soon disappear from your Amazon streaming device.