You Will Soon Be Able to "Snooze" that Oversharing Facebook Friend

Facebook Snooze

Researchers at Facebook David Ginsberg and Moira Burke cited the new "snooze" feature as a way they planned to address previous criticism.

Do you think Facebook is damaging social interaction?

Facebook can get a little overwhelming at times, especially in today's era of fake news and hot-topic political takes.

Then you might want to use Facebook's new snooze feature - which allows you to temporarily unfollow someone.

Giving Facebook users more control over what they see in their news feeds may allow members of the mental health community to protect themselves from content they might find triggering without the permanence of unfollowing a person or page. You can also choose to end the snooze at any time. With it, you can easily mute one or some of your friends' posts who keep on publishing irritating cat videos.

The new snooze feature will add to Facebook's already existing features to unfriend and unfollow someone, but has an important distinction that Facebook users should love.

The people, pages and groups you hit the snooze button on won't know, and Facebook will notify you when you snooze is about to expire. The social network says it wants to help.

Chamath Palihapitiya, who left his role as VP for user growth in 2011, said: The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works.

Facebook responded with a vague statement the time, saying that it is "we are working hard to improve".

"Though the causes aren't clear, researchers hypothesize that reading about others online might lead to negative social comparison - and perhaps even more so than offline, since people's posts are often more curated and flattering", they said. The reason for it is not clear.

The option to Snooze a friend will appear in the right-corner drop-down menu on their posts.