'All The Money in The World' Triggers Wage Gap Debate

Mark Wahlberg reportedly paid more than Michelle Williams for film reshoot

In the same piece, Blue Valentine actress Williams said she agreed to reshoot the scenes for free because she "would do anything" for Ridley Scott.

Actor Christopher Plummer replaced Spacey in the role of billionaire Jean Paul Getty in the film based on the real-life kidnapping of Getty's grandson John Paul Getty III.

Coming at a moment when, under the new Time's Up banner, actresses are calling for gender equality, the report appeared to present an extreme case of a male actor being lavishly rewarded while his female co-star was expected to work for less than one percent of his salary.

The pay gap, which was first reported by the Washington Post back in November, has got people all riled up, including producer Judd Apatow who said it was "so messed up that it is nearly hard to believe". And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted.

Williams and Wahlberg are both represented by the William Morris Endeavor agency but the actress was reportedly not told about the deal they had struck for Wahlberg.

"We're looking into it", said a source at the actors union, who noted that the guild's contract only covers minimums that actors can be paid. Jessica Chastain, now starring in the Golden Globe-nominated "Molly's Game", called Williams a "brilliant" actress who "deserves more". "And I'll give you my Thanksgiving break, if that would help.' And they, to their credit, they only took my Thanksgiving break", Williams said.

As we reported, when producers asked Michelle to do reshoots for "All the Money in the World", she quickly agreed to work for nothing.

The new USA Today story also contradicts previous reporting on a situation where the truth is muddy. Williams' initial contract had reshoots written into them; Wahlberg's did not.

Since opening December 22, All the Money in the World hasn't caught fire at the box office, where it has grossed just $20 million, with most of its worldwide rollout still to come. The finished film was set to be released in theaters on December 25. Nobody is going to get offered $1.5 million and turn it down.

WME and reps for Scott, Williams and Wahlberg did not return calls for comment.

Wahlberg is known in Hollywood as a shrewd negotiator. When inequitable pay has become an issue in Hollywood in the past - as with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams for "American Hustle" and ABC News, the union said they "are unambiguously in favor of pay equity between men and women in this industry and support every action to move in this direction".