Apple Buys Canadian Startup Buddybuild

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In simple words, Buddybuild offers tools for developers that are created to let them quickly and easily build apps through GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab. According to industry experts, the latest acquisition has been done to further strengthen the company's iOS development platform.Buddybuild revealed the deal on its official site and indicated that as a direct result of the buyout initiated by Apple, there will be key changes to expect.

"We're excited to share that the buddybuild team has joined the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build wonderful developer tools for the entire iOS community", buddybuild said in a blog post on Wednesday. "We've always been proud to be a Canadian company, so we're also pleased that we will be staying right here in Vancouver - a hotbed of developer and engineering talent", the team wrote on its announcement blog post.

Buddybuild will remain in the same offices for now. The startup has now stopped accepting new customers. The startup also plans to discontinue the free starter plans and future app developments from March 1, 2018.

With the arrival of the iPhone X and all the new features that come with it, including the TrueDepth camera and the augmented reality technology that Apple is investing in, it only makes sense that it would want to make the jobs of developers as easy as possible. The company was established in 2015 by former Amazon employees.

Apple acquired TestFlight in 2014, which began to require users to employ Xcode to utilise the service.

Apple makes money on the App Store because it takes a 30% cut of software and digital goods sold through it, except for subscriptions. "Beta testers and stakeholders get a streamlined, one-click install experience as Buddybuild manages provisioning profiles and devices for you".