Apple to replace iPhone batteries for $29 sooner rather than later

The Apple iOS 11 update has rolled out internationally

The company is already facing lawsuits from three plaintiffs in the U.S. who have claimed that Apple failed to inform them about the processor throttling and that such enforced slowdowns were unethical and deceptive - an attempt to force people into upgrading.

The news was first spotted by the Fresh website iGeneration, which reported that an internal Apple Store memo said to replace batteries in these iPhones no matter if Apple's diagnostic test shows the battery can retain less than 80 percent of its original capacity or not.

Apple is already replacing iPhone batteries for $29.

In mid-December, Apple was forced to confirm what many had suspected: it was deliberately crippling the performance of older iPhones when users upgraded to newer versions of iOS.

Batteries typically decline in power output over time, reducing the amount of power they are able to provide to the device. However, if you fix your iPhone yourself, it's Apple's policy to refuse to fix your iPhone in the future if something else breaks. Older iPhones shouldn't be experiencing the slowdown, due to the switch with the 6 to a lithium-ion battery.

The deal to replace an old iPhone battery will be running all year long, but we recommend taking advantage of this deal sooner rather than later so you can speed up your phone and enjoy your older device faster and longer. While this was created to prevent crashes on phones with aging batteries, iPhone owners are far from pleased that Apple has been slowing down their phones without telling them.

So, if your phone is old and you are getting performance issues, it is because of the battery deterioration and you can always hop to the store and get a battery for $29.

To get your low-priced battery replacement, available through through December 2018, the best way is to make an appointment at a Genius Bar via Apple's website or its Support app. There's one caveat to this deal, however: Apple only committed to these $29 battery replacements during 2018, after which the cost could go up again. As a policy, Apple formats a phone every time that it's serviced in order to avoid any potential culpability if data were to be erased.

In all, iPhone models are eligible for the replacement program as of now.

What that could well mean is that you're at the mercy of whichever Genius you have an appointment with. If you're not close by, there's also an option for you to mail your phone in for repairs.