Flu-Related Deaths Reported In Tarrant County

Ohio Department of Health reports first child flu death of season

Both are indicated by coughing and a runny nose, but the flu is separated by headaches, chills, a possible fever and extreme fatigue.

"They're coming in earlier". They can take over-the-counter medication and stay home until their fever goes away for at least 24 hours without medication. Stay home until you recover. "There is no magic treatment to improve your symptoms rapidly".

The 2017-18 flu season in OH and nationally is looking similar to what was seen during the 2014-15 flu season which at the time was the most severe flu season in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Emergency department visits for influenza-like symptoms looks like about a week ahead of where we were a year ago", Modie said.

Of the cases, 406 were confirmed influenza and 311 people were hospitalized - with more than half in the 65-plus age group. A study also done on flu vaccination said that it can significantly reduce a child's risk of dying from influenza.

A four-year-old boy from Montgomery County is Ohio's first pediatric flu death of the year, according to Dayton and Montgomery County Public Health.

Southern Nevada in 2017 had almost three times the number of flu cases reported in 2016.

Local ER departments and outpatient clinics are also seeing very high volumes of patients, health officials said.

"We like to give shots in groups or herds", Harding said. Wischmeier says in a good year, a 60% effectiveness is reached.

Cases of the flu continue to rise in Monroe County, and one person has died as a result of the virus.

The dominant influenza A strain is H3N2, a nasty virus that tends to infect the elderly in greater numbers, with concurrent circulation of a B strain, a type that typically causes less severe illness.

Rodriguez said that even if the vaccine is weak this year, vaccinating is still the most important thing county residents can do to avoid getting sick and mitigate the illness if they do get sick.

"Public health officials will tell you it's still the best way to prevent the flu", Schlueter said of the vaccine. He added, that if teachers get sick, the school is also ready to support them with substitute teachers available and on call.

Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of sleep.