Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Bringing it all together with Google Pay - Google Blog

One of the biggest questions that many Google users have often pondered upon is - why does Google have two apps which do pretty much the same thing - Google Wallet and Android Pay.

"With Google Pay on Fandango, you can buy tickets easily 00 making checkout simpler than ever", says Pali Bhat, VP of product management, payments at Google.

Movie ticketing service Fandango is adding Google Pay as a new digital payment option for movie ticket purchases across its online, mobile, and social ticketing platforms. Now, the Google has announced a new payment system named Google Pay.

Google already employed a similar logo and name for "Pay with Google", its very similar-sounding online checkout service, which came out in October.

Google says that the merging of Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single brand is "just the first step" in its new payment overhaul. That changed in 2015, when Google made a decision to spin off the tap-and-pay portion of the service into Android Pay.

"With Google Wallet, Google was trying to find its wings in navigating between the point of sale, in-app and online payments, and they've reached the point now where "Pay" has become the noun used by Apple, Samsung, Walmart, Kohl's and others - and there's no point in going another direction", said Richard Crone, a principal with Crone Consulting LLC.

The launch of Google Pay is an attempt to create some brand cohesion, but there's no clarity on how long that might take, he said. Android Pay, Google Wallet, and transactions on the web are some of the areas that will shift over to Google Pay over the coming weeks. After years of brainstorming - Google finally has had the genius idea of unifying both these platforms under a single brand.